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194 states at your fingertips!
Why download tons of apps when you can find all the info and games you need on this app! World States is the most complex and complete application of its kind on the market.
It contains:
- detailed information about all the 194 countries (including History, Economy, Geography and Climate), as well as general information such as the currency, the language, capital, size, population etc.
- a quiz with more than 500 questions, where you can set how many questions to contain. By default, each test consist of 20 questions. These questions are related to the Geography of the Unites States, including its cities and the world capitals.
- 4 learning games that will help you memorize the population of each country, the main mountains and their altitudes and the capitals.
- over 600 geographical fun facts, classified by continents. There are 7 categories, Oceans included.
- 7 good-resolution offline maps of the continents, showing the main cities and relief.
- details about the main international organisations, such as U.N., Arab League, NATO, UNICEF and so on.
- information about the overseas territories and the states and are not recognized by the international community, such as Abkhazia and Falkland Islands.
- different rankings (by size, by population, by public debt, by life expectancy and so on and so forth).
The application is 100% offline, it doesn't contain any ads what so ever and it doesn't require any permissions.
If you have any suggestions or complains, please don't hesitate to send me a message.
Have fun!

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