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FAST DOWNLOADER. Download files fast.
With Fast Downloader you can download any file to your Android device very easily and faster than ever.
You can have simultaneous downloads to maximize the speed. You can pause and resume and transfer at any time and downloads are made by 3G, 4G or WiFi.
We also include a file manager so you can see, move and delete any file that you have previously downloaded with fast downloader.
Fast Downloader is perfect for big files, being able to download as fast as possible and resume if you have a problem with the download.
If you're trying to download an unsupported format, fast downloader will take care of it.
Use our browser to navigate to the website where you have the files you want to download and get them!
. Multi-Protocol: HTTP, FTP supported, bittorrent will be supported in the future.
. In App Browser to make your lif easier.
. Multi-threading (multiple downloads): Speed up the download by 100%!
. Multi-Task: Download different files at the same time.
. Pause/resume your downloads: Continue disconnected downloads.
. Keep your downloads safe even if you hit a network outage.
. Category: All files are categorized by folder in our file manager.
. File Manager: Easily manage all files in SD Card that you have previously downloaded.
. Downloading Status: progress bar, downloaded notification
. Copy/Paste links: Download tasks can be started by copying/pasting the link directly.

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