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Tropical Treasures 2 Deluxe TV

发行商: Mobile Amusements
价格: 0.99 USD


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Tropical Treasures 2 Deluxe the new tropical themed gem matching game from Mobile Amusements.
Launch coloured jewels from the jewel launcher anywhere along the bamboo pole at the bottom of the screen.
Match 3 or more of the same colour horizontally or vertically to clear jewels to gain points and bonuses etc.
If any jewels reach the base of the waterfall the game is over!
Continue to match jewels to prevent the play timer running out of time.
Hitting a snake jewel will cause all adjacent jewels both horizontally and vertically to explode, whether they match or not.
If you aim to hit a resting butterfly 'directly' with a same color jewel, all other jewels on screen of the same color will explode.
Beware that clearing jewels near to a butterfly or by hitting a nearby snake jewel etc can sometimes scare it away!
As you progress you may be visited by a Lucky Chameleon Lizard from time to time which will eat a random row of jewels to help you reach an even higher score.
Hitting a Fire Jewel will take you to the Lava Fall where you can earn double points!
Hitting a Moon Jewel will take you to the Night Fall where you may earn bonus points via Dragonflies that appear and clear jewels when Dragonfly Jewels are hit.
Good luck!


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