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Paint memo color simple popular

发行商: kids photo
价格: 免费


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Paint memo color simple popular is a recommendation easy free application.
Since painting can be freely done with finger both children and adults are recommendation at anyone since operation is very easy,
A little memo and killing time a picture it can draw and play, coloring can be carried out it can be various the color which can play
if a 16 color color button is touched changes even the  touch returns the button returning to a front state touch memo painting is saved in preservation button
clear button touch -- all are erased really -- it is Since a check dialog comes out, "yes" is chosen. A screen is reset and new white canvas is displayed.
Even a child to baby, the kids and the adult who can enjoy a child's favorite painting and coloring can enjoy themselves.
Since the tap of the screen which will enjoy coloring by memo pad color painting is only carried out, a kids (small child) can also use.
If it writes repeatedly, it erases,repeated and it can play.
A child grows up into various things with intellectual training in response to a stimulus playing.
Paint memo color simple popular is a perfect free application. FREE APP.


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