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BLUSH - Kamasutra

发行商: Elementardesign
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The Kamasutra is one of the most famous books in the history of mankind. It originated in India about 1700 years ago and up until the 19th century, was given to young married couples in order to teach them the art of love. Among other things there are numerous positions which are clearly depicted by artistic illustrations.
BLUSH is a modern and abridged version of Kamasutra for couples who want to make their love life more varied. In addition to 40 positions from the Indian School of Love you'll find 10 new exciting locations. Use the smartphone's camera to capture your favourite positions in your own special location and send it to your partner. Be playfully inspired and share your wishes and fantasies about the app. Easy to understand descriptions and illustrations that you can move interactively, to help you.
With the BLUSH - Kamasutra you can:
Reduce shyness
- For many couples, it is not easy to talk openly about their love life. A first step to put aside shyness can be made with BLUSH. It is often easier to express wishes indirectly and to share them with a modern means of communication.
Play and have fun
- Dealing with love should be fun. No pressure to perform, no constraints, not too much seriousness. In this way playfulness and fun come to the fore with BLUSH. At one point or another you can really laugh at it.
- Even the learning factor should not be neglected. Many people think they already know everything about the art of love. But anyone can learn to be attentive and surprise their partner again. A fulfilled love life strengthens relationships.


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