Real Ghost Box

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Why limit yourself to the AM band? Broaden your search to dozens of bands including police, amateur radio, shortwave, air traffic and more!
This new unique process only scans unused channels so that there are NO false positives. Thousands of micro audio bits are extracted and then spliced together to provide the best paranormal tool made to date! Never before has an app been able to produce such amazing results.
1: Turn on one or more of the scanner frequencies
2: For best results, turn on one of the many noise generators such as white, pink or brown noise.
3: Listen in and in no time you should hear something personal.
4: For even better results, place a recording device next to this app and begin a recording of no less than 5 minutes.
Using method number four, 89% of users polled in our study received unmistakable communication that they felt was personal.
Also included is a syllable compiler that attempts to extract sounds and compare them to words in the English dictionary. If the compiler receives a string of sounds that match an actual word, the result will be displayed on the screen.
This ghost spirit box / spiricom captures voice evp from radio for paranormal hunters.

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