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Ogglies ABC

发行商: Verlagsgruppe Oetinger
价格: 免费


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Meet the Ogglies and learn all letters of the alphabet! This letter app combines learning and play and surprised with funny details. Here you can learn to write all uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z and exercise their right pronunciation and order in the alphabet. Through a points system you get instant feedback on how well you have done an exercise.
The exercises include:
A) Learning:
1) „Uppercase letters“: Here you will learn the capital letters of the alphabet. Matching images will help you during practice.
2) „Lowercase letters“: Here you will learn the uppercase and additionally the lowercase letters of the alphabet. Matching images will help you during practice.
3) „Correct Letter Order“: After you have learned the individual letters, you can now practice the order of the letters in the alphabet. For this, you need to assign the corresponding picture cards to the letters cards. When you touch the cards, you can hear the sound of the letter or the name of the motif. This will help in the assignment.
4) „Writing“: In this exercise you can simply start writing on the canvas or drag existing letters on the lines.
B) Playing:
1) „Game Of Pairs“: This is a playful approach to deepen the knowledge of letters. You can choose from three different memory game variants:
a) letters and pictures
b) upper and lower case
c) capital letters
2) „Flying Fishbone Game“: With the right timing the beloved fire dragon blows the fishbone hundreds of meters wide!


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