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papa little raoch

发行商: 顾觅
价格: 免费


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Life is always inevitable to encounter a few littleroaches, give us some unnecessary trouble and distress.
Life is always inevitably have a lot of trouble, there are always some people and things so that we have a kind of "kill him" impulse!
Now, let us relax, move a bit finger, "kill it", the release of unpleasant mood, to meet a better life!
《PaPa Raoch》 is the one and only KillRaochgame, with the most simple gameplay to bring a new experience, the pressure make a clean sweep!
I bet you can not have seen the number of so many, and such a cute little raoch in any game!
I bet you can not play the first time more than 100 points, absolutely impossible!
Do not believe? You can download a try!
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 《PaPaRoach》, the most delightful action game you've ever met in history.
Have you seen So cute little blackbeetle before? It could make faces,changing clothes(be iron man~or be spider man~or what ever
you want~)
《PaPaRoach》has the most simple operations, the most beautiful picture, eye-popping graphics and lovely music“pa!pa!”.....
Moving your fingers! and get it! So funny!!!
What are u waiting for? Come on ! Download 《PaPaRoach》 and experience it !!!
Gameplay is very simple, players need to continue to click in the game sprang from the corner to Little raoch.
Click on each successful will increase energy, each click will reduce energy mistakes, effort to end when the game 0.
The more clicks Little raoch, the higher the score.
Scores and batter is the main purpose of the game and show off the capital.
You can also integral to Little raoch facelift yo!


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