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Nine months! A multimedia documentary for children to learn how a baby grows in its mother’s tummy. For children aged 6 and up!
“What Have You Got in Your Tummy, Mummy?”
Nine Months is a Must Have app to explain pregnancy month by month to children who will soon have a little brother or sister.
The different stages of the embryo and the foetus are examined, to enable the child to understand what is happening to its mother’s body. “When the baby is one month old its heart is already beating, at 4 months he can see… Did you know that the baby lives in water like a fish? Mummy, can he hear music? Of course he can, he already has tiny little ears! Do you have a photo? Yes, here is an ultrasound.”
An educational app that provides answers to all children’s’ questions. Simple explanations, embellished with ultrasounds, and a button giving the weight and the size of the unborn baby at any given time.
*Interactive multimedia documentary
*Visual animations and audio commentary
*Month by month evolution of the embryo and then the foetus
*Educational vocations
*Documented information (ultrasound, weight, height)
By purchasing this app, you are purchasing the entire content, without having to purchase any extras.
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About the App :
•Age: 6 and more
•Language : english
•Graphics : Frédéric Jacquemoud & Philippe Jalbert
• Voice : Émilie Pouyer et Xavier Santamaria
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