Halloween Mansion

发行商: Tapps Games
价格: 免费


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The spookiest season of the year has come! Are you brave enough to cross the stranded garden and discover what creatures inhabit the old Halloween Mansion? Don't be afraid, you're just a cemetery away from knocking the door!
The creepiest creatures alive -- and the undead ones as well -- just love this time of the year: eager to have many unexpected visitors looking for some good live horror show! The mansion is haunted, yes. The moonlight and fog make it scarier, yes. And there is no candy corn at the end. We're doing this in the name of good old Halloween mystery!
Ready for passing by a Jack-o'-Lantern and find out what scary pranks awaits you? Knock the door, tap the windows and ring the doorbell to meet the supernatural inhabitants of this crazy house. Check all funny reactions from the Frankenstein, the Ghost, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Witch and others!
Many items to collect! Annoy the monsters enough to get funny objects such as spellbooks, magic wands, movie scripts, frankenstein’s body parts and much more. Get them all!
Check your favorite reactions at any time by using the coins you get. Tap the door, the doorbell or the windows to get more coins!
• Completely FREE to play
• Funny illustrations, animations and sound effects!
• Comic creatures: the Frankenstein, the Ghost, the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Witch
"I've been addicted to it since last Halloween!"
"Never thought that getting scared becomes addictive! lol"

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