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发行商: BlackSpruce Software
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Share almost anything from any app, cloud-free, phone to phone.
Air-Share is a Wi-Fi file sharing and automation tool for Android. Air-Share extends the “Share” or “Send” function that appears in many Android apps to allow sharing intents and files between Android devices.You can also share from PC/Mac/iPad to Android via your browser.
The app is great for sharing between family members. Share with Amazon Kindle/Fire devices or Android based entertainment units.
Install the app on all your Android devices, perform a pairing between devices and you are ready to share.
Also you generate browser URLs for your PC/Mac/iPad to share to your Android device.
Use the Share or Send feature in your favourite apps and when prompted, scroll and find the Air-Share icon.
The app builds on the intents filter and content provider features in Android. It intercepts Send or View Intents and transfers files and intents across your Wifi network.
This is not a cloud service. No data leaves your local network. Transferred files are saved in your downloads directory.
- share YouTube videos
- transfer photos and videos from your Gallery apps
- share web links, magnet urls, etc
- share files and office documents from your favourite file explorer (tested with Astro and ES Explorer)
- transfer and play instantly, music and movie files (mp3, mp4, etc)
- share Google Maps markers
- share App links from the Play Store
- share location , GPS coordinates, KML files, Google Tracks
- share contacts, people, vCards
- share files from any device with an HTML-5 browser on your network.
If you find something the app won't share, please email me at the address on the store page.


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