10monkeys Junior Math

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10monkeys Junior Math is THE fun way to discover the world of math:
* "The app’s simple design and wealth of skills make it a must-have for young math learners and a good stepping stone to the other 10monkeys math apps." – Best Apps for Kids
* "An excellent app for young children who are ready for the next step in number sense. With lots to do, cute animations, and higher order thinking skills, this app is definitely a winner." – Fun Educational Apps
* "Kids can explore the entire galaxy by simply tapping to enter a mini-game, each with a different learning goal. I would definitely recommend this app to parents of preschoolers and elementary students!" – The iPhone Mom
* " ...offers good value for money compared to its competitors, due to the variation it offers through its mini games." – Yeeply
“Houston, we have a math problem!”
Adventurous ten monkeys have boarded a space vessel and are exploring a galaxy far, far away. Join the monkeys in their journey and help them solve math problems to keep their space ship fueled up for their new explorations!
10monkeys Junior Math is a perfect way to start exploring the exciting world of math. In this game, the child will learn and further develop their math skills, including counting, geometry, comparisons, number recognition and measuring, to name a few.
The game world is divided into seven mini-games, which are quick and easy to play. All the games are free to explore and fun to play over and over again. The game is targeted for early learners and beyond, and it is designed according to the best practices of math education.
10monkeys Junior Math is part of the 10monkeys Apps family.
* Arcade-type gameplay
* 7 mini-games with different learning goals
* Easy-to-use interface, every mini-game is only one tap away
* Freely explorable game world = countless hours of fun
* No ads, in-app purchases or external links
* Curriculum designed according to the best practices of math education
* Fun sounds and interactive feedback
About us
10monkeys.com is a game studio that makes learning games for kids. We focus on the universal and inspiring language of math. We believe that learning should be fun, and with our games we encourage children to find their own way to learn.
For more info: www.10monkeys.com

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