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SSH Pro Client: BSSH

发行商: Unda Tech
价格: 1.00 USD


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BSSH is an open source SSH and Telnet client based on the popular and highly-acclaimed ConnectBot SSH client. If you need secure access to a graphical remote desktop, search for my VNC client bVNC in App World, which offers built-in SSH tunneling.
BSSH's list of features includes:
- Change default font size through app settings, and session font size by long-tapping screen when connected!!
- On-screen shortcuts to Ctrl, Esc, Tab, Arrow keys, and a completely configurable list of symbols
- Auto-completion with Esc by hitting on-screen Esc key a few times.
- Toggling Ctrl by double-tapping the on-screen Ctrl key (don't wait for it to show up even).
- Sending Tab with just two clicks - Ctrl on-screen, and "i" on the virtual keyboard.
- Support for multiple SSH/Telnet sessions
- Automatic saving of past sessions for quick access
- Gesture support for switching between sessions, context menu, scrolling back into history, and sending Page Up/Down
- Configurable rotation mode (Portrait, Landscape, Automatic)
- Configurable color scheme
- Port forwards
- Generating/importing/exporting RSA/DSA public/private key pairs for password-less authentication
- Screen capture
- File transfer (over SSH)
- Terminal bell
- Easy to access "Help" screen organized into sections (swipe down from beyond top edge in main screen).
If you need to control a computer over VNC, consider getting one of my other apps, bVNC, which is a feature-rich VNC client. You can use BSSH to tunnel VNC connections securely to a remote site using port forwarding!
Please keep in mind that you can't change the rating you give an application in App World once you've given it. If you discover an issue with BSSH, please let me know before you rate the application poorly, and give me a chance to help you. Please report issues that are reproducible, and tell me how I can reproduce them.
Source code for BSSH is available under the Apache 2.0 license here:
Thanks for the support!


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