Amazing Spider Fruit

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New Adaption from Spider Game, Amazing Spider Fruit!
Long time ago before human existed, there were a weird spider that only eats fruits! His color is red and blue. Whenever the spider is hungry, he will jump on the magic leaf to help him get the fruit from the sacred tree. This tree has an unlimited height, soaring the sky, that contains all kind of fruits you can imagine. However, the spider needs to be careful that the tree has bombs either on its right side or left side. Avoid the bombs so that the spider could eat the fruits safely! The more the spider eats the fruit, the hungrier it is. Can you help the spider eats the fruits as fast as you can without exploding the bombs?
Spider Fruit is completely a new challenging game! Tap either left or right of the tree to climb. Avoid bombs, so that spider can keep eating the fruits. As time goes by, the timer gets faster. If you run out of time, the game is also game over. Challenge your friends and share this game to Facebook or Twitter!
Tapping on the right side of the tree or left side of tree to avoid Bombs explosion. Simple, yet very addicting!

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