Blurry Fireplace - Watch the calm HD fireplace !

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“Heartwarming when the house is a little cold in the morning! Works great on my TV! thanks!!”
“Sounds just like my grandparent's wood burning stove down in the basement. Cozy and relaxing”
Fire place has always been a great element when it comes to sleeping in cold nights or mediating at any time of the day. Blurry Fire place is created to give you the same feeling on your FireTV or Kindle Fire. It feels like you are right in front of a fire place.
*Sleep/ Meditate*
Visualization, or guided imagery, is an old technique that is used for meditation and relaxation. The technique basically requires to create images and sounds in your mind. This app just works perfect. It helps you visualize a virtual fire place with virtual fire crackling sound and calming music.
*Additional features*
To make the app more suitable for your surroundings it has an option to load music from the gallery to play along in the background or you can choose from the pre-loaded meditating music. You can also apply the color effects to adjust the visuals for your eyes.

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