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Leaf Spy Pro

发行商: Turbo3
价格: 免费


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Before you purchase "Leaf Spy Pro" please be sure to first install the Free version "Leaf Spy Lite" to confirm you have a phone (or android device) and ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter that works with your Leaf. Leaf must be ON to communicate with it.
If you have trouble connecting to the ELM327 try changing the Bluetooth port number by going to the Settings menu. Port choices are 1, 16 and secure. For devices without a dedicated Menu key hold down the Recent Apps key to bring up the menu.
Once you have the Lite version running and telling you about your battery you can then purchase "Leaf Spy Pro" to tell even more about your Leaf..
The Leaf Spy Pro application allows anyone with a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, Android device with Bluetooth and an ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter the ability to monitor their battery and other vehicle information normally visible only to the dealer. ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapters typically sell for $10-$20 on eBay.
User generated guide:
Information displayed by Leaf Spy Lite:
• Voltage of each of the 96 cell pairs (highlighted if shunt active)
• Minimum, average, maximum cell pair voltages
• Histogram of cell pair voltages
• Battery Temperature readings (4 sensors for 2011/12 models, 3 for 2013 models)
• Battery AHr rating (this will decease with age and is an indication of remaining capacity)
• State of Health of the High Voltage battery in percent
• High Voltage Battery Voltage and Current
• Odometer
• Number of Quick Charge connections
• Number of L1/L2 Charge connections
• EVSE Max available amps (only on 2011/2012 Leafs)
• EVSE voltage (only on 2011/2012 Leafs)
• 12 volt battery voltage and current
Additional information displayed by Leaf Pro:
• Battery energy level in GIDs & kWh
• Resetable energy usage meter (Wh resolution)
• Graphic display of SOC, GIDs and DTE (Distance to Empty)
• Graphic display of Energy used by Accessories (wipers,radio,nav..), Heater and A/C
• Remaining distance meter (miles/km) to Event (Low Battery Warning, Very Low Battery Warning or Reserve) based on user selectable energy efficiency
• Graphic display of battery temperature with min, avg, max temperatures
• Tire Pressure of each of the four tires with low pressure warning and delta pressure warning alarm
• Ambient Temperature
• Logging function that records most data and optionally GPS location (if device supports GPS) to a csv file that can be easily imported into excel.
Plus these additional functions normally requiring a visit to the dealer.
• Change automatic door lock/unlock settings
• Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
• Register Tire Positions (required after tire rotation or seasonal tire changes so your Leaf knows the correct location of each tire on the car)
• Ability to reset DTCs


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