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Fright Night Scary SLOTS

发行商: Beats 'n' Bobs
价格: 1.49 USD


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A new spooky and scary horror themed casino slot machine.
Packed with the slots features you would expect
* The Walking Dead Killer Zombie Mega Cash Grab
See how long you can survive before the walking dead zombie gets you. The longer you can survive, the more you win. Watch out though! One bite and you're dead!
* Super Scary Spooky Pumpkin Spirit Wheel of Fortune
The Pumpkin Spirits are out performing their usual Fright Night Dance. Pick one and see what prize you win.
* Mini Halloween Game: Bopping for Apples
An old classic Halloween game. You know what to do. See if you can bit an apple. Pick 5 prizes.
* Mini Halloween:Knock, Knock! Trick Or Treat
Another classic Halloween game. Trick or Treat. Who knows what you win. Could be Nothing; could be a treat. Keep knocking until you get a trick.
* Evil Bloody Thirsty Bat Bashing Mini Game
The evil bats are terrorizing the skies. Bash as many as you can and win free spins
* Grave Digging For Gold
These spooky graves are about to turn into the evil walking dead. Raid the graves before they awake and see what prizes you win.
* Random Reels each new app start means different machine with new reels each time.
* Latest and best scary slots by Beats N Bobs.
* Up to 5 reels to play.
* Up to 9 Payout lines.
* Five Of A Kind Feature !
* Super Gold Jack pot Award.
* Multiple Progressive Jackpots.
* Super Scary Wild Ghost Symbols on all reels..
* Free Spin Feature.bats
* Variable betting stakes per line.
* Auto-Spin Reels.
* Audio Settings and Help screens.
* Reset from start option and receive new credits any time.
* Animated vibrant symbols.
* Last Win displayed
* Welcome Bonus Prize
* Daily Fright Bonus Prize
Good Luck!


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