Hong Kong Street Fighter

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Hong Kong Street Fighter offers everything a fighting game should. Its streamlined game play means that beginners can dive right into the game, while veterans can spend countless hours mastering the finer mechanics of the sophisticated fighting system.
There are characters to fight which are: Brad Huggins is a street fighter with an array of devastating moves and powerful holds. Titus Mcneal is a street fighter, who will surprise you with his speed and dexterity. And then is their boss and master Gerard Lukas with his own unique skills sets. Eric is our hero of the game with fast rushes and crushing throws.
Each fight will feel like a new experience and a challenge rather than a repetitive chore to complete missions. New and improved game mechanics add complexity to this button mashing classic fighting game. The open open Hong Kong street game environment is richly detailed and atmospheric and there is a near endless amount to explore and complete. The controls are smooth and easy to use, but there is still plenty of depth to the combat system. Each fight will feel like a new experience and a challenge rather than a repetitive chore to complete missions. The game puts the player into the position of Eric, our hero who is now a master with a large amount of skills at his disposal. The game takes on a classic 80’s feel as it allows players to fight in 1 vs 1 battles and conquer their enemies. The graphics are anime styled and very beautiful. The game is more of a relaxed game rather than up tight and difficult to play. The simplicity and uniqueness of this game stand out further than anything else except for the combat. Combat in Hong Kong Street Fighter is quick, intense and total fun. Players can pull off constant brutal attacks causing intense damage to their enemies.
How to play:
- Tap the punch/kick button on the right of the screen to pick your move, then click your target, take your opponents down before your characters run out of health.

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