850 Flavorful Bread Recipes

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Amazingly easy to use recipe app that features 850+ recipes for breads from around the world!
No ads, just great recipes!
All recipes are searchable by name and searchable by ingredient, allowing you to build an exciting menu around the food items that you have on hand. The application offers over 850+ recipes categorized within the main menu for easy navigation and access:
* Quick Breads like banana nut breads, buttermilk cornbread, spice loafs and more.
* Flat Breads such as blue corn tortillas, focaccia, pita and others.
* Yeast Breads including anadama bread, black bread, ciabatta and more.
* Automatic Bread Machine (ABM) recipes like cheddar bread, Cinco de Mayo bread and others.
* Sourdough Breads including French and San Francisco versions and more.
* Pull-apart and Monkey Bread recipes.
* Fruit Breads such as apple bread, Georgia peach bread, pineapple bread and others.
* Shortbreads like English shortbread, coconut shortbread and chocolate shortbread.
This app also contains a specialty bread recipes section including:
* Christmas Breads
* Easter Breads
* Slow Cooker Breads
* Jar Mix Breads
* Breakfast Breads
* Camping Breads
* Coffee Can Breads
* Large Event Bulk Recipes
* Dessert Bread
* Other Specialty Breads.
It even has a top 50 most popular bread recipes list.
All in one searchable application.
You will love our bread recipes and our exciting application features.

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