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This is the Pro version of the Soundboard. Same as the free version with just a lot more sounds (about 80), including the more iconic ones.
Sounds are styled after the new Star Sci-Fi movies. [There are no old TV show sounds] Sounds can be saved as notifications, individual contact's notifications, or set theme music as an alarm (the 'warning' sound will give you a heart attack at full volume) ・The Locker app can also set them as lock or unlock sounds to go with my lock screen themes.
This soundboard contains:
★ 72 sounds replicating the sounds from the computer consoles and special effects
★ 9 preview musical themes
*Theme music is only short fade in/out clips (about 20 seconds) because this is not licensed or official and are also being used under 'fair use') If you'd like to get all of the theme music and full length, please buy the CD https://goo.gl/Fdlbhw
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