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Calm Galaxy Ambience

发行商: Serenity
价格: 0.99 USD


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“I imagine opening my eyes at the start of an adventure in a new, strange, yet ultimately beautiful world.”
“This makes me think of an alien invasion, it's just perfect for writing sci-fi narratives lol”
Calm Galaxy Ambience is the view of galaxy that is filled with numerous stars. See the shimmering lights as they take you to a whole new dimension that you have never experienced before. If you want to meditate this is the best choice for you. View different scenes of galaxy that will help you connect with your inner-selfand create an equally relaxing environment
*Sleep/ Meditate*
Use this app while you want to sleep or meditate. After a detailed study about meditating, visual meditation techniques proves to be very helpful. To enhance your visual meditation, select the view that suit you best, play along a track from in-built library and feel as if you are floating in the galaxy. Custom color effects and sleep timer have been added to make it a perfect companion in hard times. Brightness and volume control is also added to give make it best suitable for your environment.
*Empirical Studies*
Research shows that from the behavioral standpoint an average human mind goes through 4 stages of sleep starting from stage 1, light sleep to stage 4, deep sleep and takes about 90 to 110 minutes to complete the cycle. To help the users sleep easily we incorporated noise cancelling ambiance and realistic audio and visual so that the user can sleep peacefully. Sleep timer is added so you can set the time until you normally fall asleep.


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