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Text editor(Notepad) is the best text editor app for android. It is similar to the notepad text editor in desktop. It makes text edit tasks easy.It is a must have text editor app for everyone.Now it is updated with material design and supports the latest Lollipop os.
Designed for long and huge text files.
Beautiful ui.
Find and replace text inside the text editor.
Text sharing with external application
Select themes in notepad.
Shows line numbers in text editor.
Change font size to view in text editor.
Go to a particular line in notepad.
Auto save.
Undo/Redo edit.
Scroll through text quickly.
Open recent text files.
Find text for text edit.
Ability to share instantly through various options.
Can read large files.
Large number of encoding options.
Ability to edit codes like html,php,java etc.
Can edit text files with root permission if enabled.
Read only mode.
Search files and folders within notepad.
And many more features.
After installing the app name is changed to Notepad. And can be found on the same name in your launcher.Hope you like this app.And please rate and review this app.
If you faced any problems in the our app. Please feel free to contact us through email. Thanks.

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