Las Vegas Jigsaw Puzzles

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PuzzleBoss is proud to present Las Vegas Jigsaw Puzzles. Our Premium jigsaw puzzles are the best jigsaws for tablets! We have 16 full HD jigsaw puzzles, 6 difficulty levels ranging from 12 pieces to 425, zoom and pan, piece rotation, a swiping piece bar mode and lots of other great features designed to give you the closest experience to real jigsaw puzzles! PuzzleBoss Premium is optimized for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and other Android tablets to give you the best modern jigsaw puzzle experience! Note: You must be connected the first time you play our jigsaw puzzles to download the photos tailored for your tablet resolution! If you're a fan of traditional 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles but are tired of having to dedicate your table for weeks at a time while you battle through them you'll love our beautiful Android jigsaws! You get all the fun and relaxation of the original classics with none of the mess, no missing jigsaw pieces, and you don't need to sacrifice your table! You can even play our amazing jigsaws in bed or on your commute! We are committed to making the best jigsaw puzzles available and thanks to our passionate fans we've been able to improve our premium and classic engines based on the feedback we get. You can always share your thoughts with us at or on our twitter at @PuzzleBoss. What's new inside our Premium jigsaw puzzles? - new 96 piece starter mode! - new 425 piece extreme mode! - tap-and-hold to select pieces underneath other pieces - optional piece rotation for players looking for a real jigsaw challenge - optional piece bar to more easily browse the pieces - increased the quality and quantity of photos - native support for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX resolutions - zoom and pan so you can have as much workspace as you need and have the pieces as big as you require - stationary pieces on the board no longer move to snap into place - 16 full high resolution photos, also available as wallpapers - automatically save and resume your games - no advertising, spyware, privacy concerns or intrusive permissions - view the full photo whenever you need - 12 piece difficulties for kids, and 48, 96, 160, 260 and 425 piece adult difficulties - a range of backgrounds you can toggle at any time - separate profiles and saves for your kids or spouse - super fast performance At PuzzleBoss we are constantly improving our games based on feedback you can give us here in the reviews, or directly at or on our twitter at @PuzzleBoss.

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