Spray can

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Install application "Spray can" and change your phone into real can with spray. Choose the color of paint, shake your phone and start to spray. Pretend to paint your friend's car or pretend to paint a real graffiti on your neighbor's wall. When pranked people will hear a real sound made by spray (spraying and shaking) they will think that you have a real can with spray. Built-in fluent animation of spraying paint from the can cap will additionally make a simulator even more realistic. Your friends will be pranked for sure!
Do you have your favorite color? No problem. In Settings you can choose any color of can with spray. Color of falling out paint will also be changed.
How can you prank your friends?:
Start spray simulator. Come to your friend's car. Shake your phone few times (like shaking a can before spraying). Aim your phone at the car and press any place on the screen of your phone. Spry will start spraying on the screen of your phone and produce a realistic sound, making your friend think you have a real can with spray.
Main program features:
- realistic spray and shaking sound
- spray color selection
- advanced animation of paint, based on a particle system

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