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✦ TREK ✦ Info Widgets Pack

发行商: TreKing
价格: 3.61 USD


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These amazing widgets are inspired by the futuristic look of computer displays in popular new Star Sci-Fi movies. It is the ultimate pack for getting all your information in this unique look.
Click the buttons in the installer to download the apps, then click them in the notifications panel to install.

GOWidgets Theme *can only be used on GO Launcher or Next Launcher
Clear GOWidgets theme included for transparent backgrounds
Themes for:
・ GO Bookmark Widget
・ GO Calendar Widget and Calendar +
・ GO Contacts Widget
・ GO Default Search Widget
・ GO Email Widget
・ GO Message Widget
・ GO Note Widget
・ GO Power Master Widget
・ GO Search Widget
・ GO Switch Widget and Switch +
・ GO Twitter Widget
・ GO Task Manager Widget
・ GO Weather Widget
All resources to get everything working included
APW Widgets Theme *only works with paid licence key (their policy)
Transparent backgrounds available in widget settings
Themes for:
・ Agenda & Calendar
・ Bookmarks
・ Facebook
・ Messaging
・ People
・ Twitter
・ Timeline (Facebook + Twitter)
Note Widget
・ Very customizable note widget with several backgrounds, layouts, font
colors and sizes to choose from.
Share via SMS or email
Status Monitor
View real time information for system processes and device
Information for:
・Battery (power level + temperature)
・ Memory (RAM + storage)
・ CPU (model, core and usage)
・ Manufacturer and model number
・ Packets (Rx and Tx)
・ Board
・ Kernel
・ Carrier
・ Uptime
Change size and font color
・ Links to battery and memory usage
Data Monitor
View data usage for both mobile data and wifi for upload and download
・ Set data limits
・ Set alarm before limit
・ Auto-disable internet at limit
WiFi Monitor
View connection status and network name
In app*
・ IP address
・ Signal strength
・ Toggle WiFi on/off
・ Link to WiFi settings
Beautiful Widgets
This is a free bonus, no purchase required. Just search the app or use the link included and follow these directions.
I created a clock, weather and battery skin as a free 'thank you' to my customers.
You need to install Beautiful Widgets. Then create a clock, weather or battery widget and search for my themes in their built in downloader for 'New Trek'. There is 1 weather pack and v1+3 of the battery are good (v2 works, but v3 is better)
How to get:
Long press the home screen and choose to add a widget. Choose the 'Beautiful Widget' you like.
In the menu you need to click 'Appearance', 'Clock Theme' (or battery or weather theme) and at the bottom 'Get Themes' in the upper right corner click the search icon and type 'New Trek'
repeat for battery and weather and don't forget to apply the theme. *You will need the Transparent version of the clock skin for the background of the battery widgets.
Light up the stars :-) I need it.
Like and follow my Facebook page (developer site link below) for the latest releases and updates.
This is not affiliated with or endorsed by Paramount or CBS. Star Trek is a registered trademark and copyright of CBS interactive and Paramount Pictures. This app is NOT an officially licensed Star Trek product and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended


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