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Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan)

发行商: Complete mobile security AntiVirus Free Anti viru
价格: 1.99 USD


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Protect your Android™ smartphone and tablet against viruses, trojan, malware, spyware, phishing attempts in real-time with Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan) - full featured Android™ virus protection.
* New Interface, New Logo
* Antivirus virus protection 2015 New Virus Definition
* Real Time Protection - Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan) completely protect your device secure from malware*
* Have you ever ask why your phone getting lag and unstable?
* Do you know that there are hundreds of malware on the Internet?
* Are you sure that your phone is completely clean and no Anti-virus is needed?
* Does any solution provide you an Anti-virus complete protection?
* Have you ever get your phone corrupted or even bricked?
Wonder no more, because we have an ultimate solution for you. Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan) provides you a high security on your phone. With the useful features and developed by the experts, you will know why it is simply the best among all.
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• Fast &Easy-to-use Anti-virus
• Apps & file scanner : Including previously and newly installed apps and the file system and all files in SD card
• New Antivirus 2015 Engine with updated database
• Always in action - This Anti-virus always runs a real-time shelter on your phone, protects it and keep it in shape.
• Perfectly working on any device & tablet
• Super fast scanning engine
• Minimum system resources & ram memory required
• Immediate scanning - Right after you launch this Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan) for the first time, the scanning process will automatically search all the potential threads on your phone. Make you feel safe from the first look.
• Complete removal - When a harm is found, it will be terminated from its root to make sure that it will never come back.
• Daily dose - We always keep this Anti-virus up-to-date, all virus can methods and database are upload daily to keep track of any new malicious software.
While you are worry about trojan, malware, spyware scan on your computer, think about your smartphone. Without complete security solution, it is exposed to malicious softwares all over the Internet just like your PC.
So you can try our full version of this Antivirus Security Protection (Virus scan) application and kick the spyware, malware, trojan or other kind of viruses out of your phone now!


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