Backstage Teleprompter - Secret LIVE prompting for stage and TV (iPhone, iPad, Android)

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This innocent looking dark screen has a devious secret. It covertly prompts facts, cues, or pics in REAL-TIME from one device to another. InstaPrompter is a mix between Instant Messenger and TelePrompter, yet faster than both. It empowers actors, presenters, hearing impaired, and public speakers to receive unscripted live information (corrections, stats, audience mood) during live events and broadcasts without anyone noticing.
InstaPrompter is amazingly easy to use. Just type into one screen (from backstage or the auditorium) and it appears live on another (hidden onstage) in large scrolling letters.
It works anywhere; from across the stage or from another continent because shared WIFI or Bluetooth are not required.
- Consistently forget your lines in act 3
- Never remember the volunteer’s name on stage
- Need to know if the next act is ready but hate looking in the wings
- Can’t stand the earpiece or the director’s voice
- Hate the tell-tale of trying out new material by staring at notes
- Have to win every argument with spot-on facts, Mr. Wikipedia
- Love reading minds but lack the clairvoyance
- Want to Close Caption real life for the hearing and not so hearing folks around you
Or don’t use it secretly, instead show the receiving screen: Beam pics, art, or photos you just took onto huge screens for improv comedy, contests, events and quiz.
FESTIVALS? Show real-time subtitles or guest-speaker translations on stage while quick fingered polyglots are typing away on an iPhone (or a keyboard attached to one)…
HEARING IMPAIRED? Deaf? Cochlear Implants? Closed Captioned TV and CART come to life! You're right to have feelings about ASL, TTY, VCO, HCO, and grandma's CapTel. Here's your chance to bring Real Time Captioning into 2015 and the Pub.
Sender App (this app):
- Dark input app (barely visible backstage or in audience) which live-sends as you type or speak
- Use any iPad, iPhone, Android
- Use vertical or horizontal for optimal keyboard size
- Send images, graphics, and words
- Paste large passages of text in all languages
- No “send” button; Everything transmits live
- Beam blink-command and gong sound to rescue frozen talent
- Up to 10,000 Mile distance to receiver app
- Requires NO WiFi or Bluetooth, just Internet access (3G etc.)
- Join secure private channel and share its login details
- Collaborate with multiple devices (senders AND receivers)
- Compatible with other sender apps by InstaPrompter, like the famous Fake Note Pad for suits
Rotate your device for InstaPrompter Receiver and get instant access to:
- Teleprompter display maximized for remote legibility
- Use any iPhone, iPad, Android
- Use vertical or horizontal to adjust size and speed
- Project to large screens via AirPlay or similar
- Various background- and font color combos
- Font-mirroring for use with TV-Teleprompters
- Displays images, graphics, and words
- Retains content until receiving more, then scrolls up (anti-stare prompting)
- Prompts large passages of text in all languages
- Can blink and sound a gong to draw attention for frozen or deaf folks
- Up to 10,000 Mile distance from sender app
- Requires NO WiFi or Bluetooth, just Internet access (3G etc.)
- Create, join and share secure private channel & password
- Can receive commands from multiple senders
Sorry, we still don't include the other guy (who types or reads).
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