Tommy Bear's Wordbook

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Tommy bear’s wordbook finally appears!
You can click -on the open window and go into the house , or click-on the snoring clouds or cute mouse! You can also click-on the strange sounding toys! You can command some insects flying in the sky!...All things can be clicked in full house! Amazing and wonderful animations are waiting to be discovered! Tommy Bear’s cozy family will give your children an interesting and warm experience in language learning … It is all in this rustic cottage!
Your children,while enjoying this lovely animated wordbook, should increase their ability to recognize Chinese and English words.Their listening and speaking skills will increase along with other aspects of their early development such as attention, sensitivity to sound, as well as the ability to observe fine images. This wordbook is specially made for kids, and they can easily master 100 words while at play.
Other highlights:
1---Children will be overjoyed when viewing the life-like animations ! A number of mysteries are waiting for them to reveal! Enhance their word memory abilities in an interesting way!
2--- Children can click-on hundreds of objects in 5 changing scenes that have many words which are presented in a colorful and professional manner!
3--- Chinese and English can be switched back and forth at any time. There are hundreds of practical words, and a clear Chinese / American pronunciation. English and Chinese can both be learned happily together!
4--- Beautifully ornate pictures, a clear music like music box, voice and color illustrations! The characters are so cute, Children can barely stand to put it down!
Download now to experience Tommy bear’s wordbook , let it go into every family and bring the happy for your kids!

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