Dub Music Player + Equalizer

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Enjoy your music in a new way
Dub Music Player + Equalizer is audio music player, that will meet your need for a clean and high quality sound. A must have audio player to play your favorite songs and playlists!
Pump up and uncork your sound quality and volume thanks to Dub Music Player + Equalizer.
Dub Music Player + Equalizer is a music track player, a frequency equalizer and spectrum analyser.
Access your own music library directly from the player. Control the frequencies you like for your songs and save your custom presets. Dub Music Player + Equalizer enables you to set 5 different band frequencies. Tune up each filter to bring out the best in your music. In addition to the low frequency filters, you’ll have the possibility to boost even more your bass sounds, thanks to the Bass Booster option, and you can enjoy in 3D sound, thanks to the Virtualizer option. Also, you’ll be able to visualize your music thanks to a spectrum analyser.
√ Audio player
√ Simple and effective interface, faithfully showing visualization of your music played.
√ Browse and play music by songs, artists, albums, playlists, folders and genres
√ 5 bands Equalizer (from low bass to highs to improve the quality of your songs)
√ Background music play (to keep playing your songs while you use other apps, or while your device is in stand-by mode)
√ 9 predefined presets, based on different music genres
√ Ability to save and delete custom presets
√ Bass boost audio effect to boost the volume of your bass like never before!
√ Virtualizer audio effect to enjoy in 3D sound
√ Music progress bar for an easy navigation within the song you're listening to
√ Repeat function to keep listening to your song over and over
√ Shuffle function to plays your songs in a random order
√ Vintage and polished design
√ Professional sound rendering
√ Media volume control
√ Lock screen widget
√ Supports headset / Bluetooth controls.
Rediscover your music thanks to the new music player eq app! Plug in your headphones, or turn your speakers on, and listen to your music louder. Uncork music volume and enjoy at its best! Improve the quality of your sound!
There’s nothing like a good music player to boost your parties, or just make it your Android sounds like never before!
The available music equalizer presets:
√ Hip Hop
√ Rock
√ Dance
√ Pop
√ Latin
√ Metal
√ Classical
√ Flat
√ Normal
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