Love Drops - Match three puzzle

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Love Drops begins as a simple match three
board game and gradually increases difficulties
as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes
more challenging.
* Romantically themed match three puzzle
* 300 levels over five difficulty modes including relaxed no timer special.
* Multiple objectives,challenges and obstacles
* 15 Dazzling power up combinations
* Each level presents you with unique Objectives and Challenges.
* Obstacles mixed with unique level board shapes will keep you swiping and matching for more.
* Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!
* No in-app purchase, one time payment for the whole gaming experience.
* Hints/Music/Banners can be disabled.
There are six possible objectives on each level.
1. Score quota
2. Remove dark pulps
3. Bring down cherries
4. Remove nets
5. Fly cupids
6. Consume the Heart frame.
There are two possible challenges on each level.
1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
2. Complete the objective before you ran out of swaps.
1. Brown pale balloon / Chocolate: These items can not be moved, can only
be cleared if an adjacent match item is cleared or if a
ribbon frame or a double match item power up is triggered.
A chocolate leaves a level three dark pulp.
2. Netted item: An item behind a net can not be swapped.
Can only be removed by matching the match item behind the net
with two other match items of the same type, or if it's in the
path of a triggered power up chain.
3. Bomb item : A bomb is represented by a dynamite with a timer.
The timer shows the number of seconds before
the bomb goes off.
When the bomb explodes
the match item will be replaced with an obstacle.
To defuse the bomb, you need to match the bomb item with two
or more items
of the same type or a power up chain clears
before seconds run out.
1. Score quota - You need to reach a certain score in order to
level up.
2. Remove dark pulps.
Dark pulps are removed by clearing the item ontop of the
dark pulp. There are three levels of dark pulps. The darkest
pulp needs to be removed three times, which means you need
to clear three items ontop of that dark pulp.
3. Bring down cherries to the bottom of the game board.
4. Free the netted match item.
5. Fly all cupids.
6. Consume the Heart frame.
A vaulted match item when opened reveals a heart frame.
A vaulted item can only be opened by matching and clearing
all the keyed items.
Cupids are not switchable
You need to match an adjacent item around the
cupid to change its phase
In order for the cupid to take flight, the cupid needs to
cycle to all the phases, from tucked wing to
open winged cupid.
All cupids needs to fly in order to level up.
Matching 4 or more match items rewards the player
with a power up.
There are three power ups.
1. Ribbon frame (horizontal and vertical)
2. Double match item
3. Rainbow heart
4. Heart frame
Mystery items.
Mystery items are represented by shopping bags
Mystery items are unraveled by matching the bag's color
with the item color. Mystery items could be power ups or an
obstacle - making the level easier or harder it's up to your
Auto hints can be disabled/enabled
Banners can be disabled/enabled
Music and sound can be disabled/enabled

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