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Aquarium Radiance HD - Wallpaper & Themes

发行商: Goosefly
价格: 免费


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The fragments of nature’s beauty are scattered all around in different forms. Each and every person has its own sight for amusing oneself through the dreamy beauty of nature. The life above the earth is just one side of the coin, while the life beneath the depth of the waters is the other side ranging from the dainty creatures to rugged nasty ones. This app is taking you to the underwater ethereal aliveness. The colorful fishes ranging from orange-hued gold fish to the innocent little clown fish and many more like that wandering around, leaving behind the beautiful ripples above the aquatic planting, gifted to the nature by its Creator.
This app when viewed with the bonzer beauty of five different frames and dulcet variety of five different default music along with the custom music will definitely sprinkles its gratification on the viewer. The wonderful screen effects will also give the user another sense of enjoyment. And with its soothing effects, it will give an intense peace of mind and take the place of pills, drowning you in the sea of natural peaceful sleep. Sleep timer will aid you in this perspective that will make the app able to be turned off at the specified time set by the user.


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