Bird Fly Temple 3D

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* Introduction:
You win to become king bird in temple. Get more of the fruits from flying you love in bird fly temple! Navigate perilous ball lighting, collect fruits to score. Test your reflexes as you race fly ancient temple ball lighing and sock. Collect fruits to share score to word. In this magical world, a beautiful bird is die by ball lighing sock. Begin an exciting fly adventure with this exotic bird. Remember to fly always within the confines of the island delimited by the beach. Your task is controlled little tiny bird overcome to achieve the highest score.
* Features Bird Fly Temple 3D:
+ Beautiful effect graphics.
+ Colorful graphics and smooth animations.
+ Water organic environments.
+ More obstacles by ball lighing sock.
+ More temple 3D from lighing.
+ Change dark and day from time fly.
+ Special fly from tiny bird.
+ The never-ending mega game.
+ Collect fruits to share leardboard.
* How to play Bird Fly Temple 3D:
+ More mode control.(Touch screen and acceleration mobile).
+ Touch left and right the screen to control the move left and move right flight.
+ Tilt the device left and right to control flying around.
+ Share your scores with on LeaderBoard to see if you’re the king of bird in temple.
Enjoy the game!

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