A Long Way Home FireTV Edition

发行商: Tiny Starship
价格: 1.99 USD


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You have been stranded 100 light years from Earth, can you survive the long way home?
After a catastrophic ship explosion, you must make your way home one light year at a time. Encounter exploding asteroids, teleporting dark matter, comets and more on your epic journey home.
A Long Way Home is an arcade / physics / puzzle game set in space. To make your way through all 100 levels, you must jump from asteroid to asteroid collecting enough dark matter to open a portal to the next level.
"If you're up for patient, thoughtful gameplay that makes for an evocative experience, you should give A Long Way Home a shot." - Touch Arcade (4/5)
"Overall, I can’t recommend this enough for fans of slower, more thoughtful games and anyone who wants to play something that will livelong in the memory. A lonely, haunting yet uplifting experience that will hook you in until you have lost hours to the epic journey of a little spaceman." - appaddict (4.5/5)
"Only a handful of games can produce an emotional response, as A Long Way Home did for me. I hope it can do the same for you." - appolicious

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