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Bluish Fresh Aquarium - Underwater Sea Life

发行商: Serenity
价格: 0.99 USD


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Research has proved that aquarium can bring a very visible changes to your environment. It is helpful for curing some daily life problems. Keeping in mind the importance of an aquarium we have created this app. Bluish Fresh Aquarium features two views of underwater sea life where you can see diverse fishes swimming in water. With blue color of the nature and a blend of colorful exotic fish species, it creates a non-stop visual feast and give you an impression as if you are actually under water.
*Health benefits*
Apart from the beauty that an aquarium adds it has health benefits that includes lowering and controlling the blood pressure, calming the mind, and helping to alleviate anxiety and stress as your eyes sway away with the calm fishes. The color of blue brings a positive vibe to your environment and calms your mood. Use Bluish Fresh Aquarium to attain the peace of mind and calm brain and body.
*Empirical Studies*
Research shows that from the behavioral standpoint an average human mind goes through 4 stages of sleep starting from stage 1, light sleep to stage 4, deep sleep and takes about 90 to 110 minutes to complete the cycle. To help the users sleep easily while playing the app and also closing the app after they sleep, sleep timer is added so you can set the time until you normally fall asleep and reach start your sleep cycle easily.
*Additional features*
To make the app more suitable for meditating it has an option to load most liked music from the gallery to play along or just choose from meditating music that is pre-loaded. You can also adjust the brightness according to your preference or select from a wide range of color tone and frames.


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