Animated Lightning View - Watch HD Views of Rain & Lightning

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Have you ever wanted to bring that bolt of thunder from the skies right to your home without having the fear of any harm? Well if you did then it is actually possible now. With Animated lighting view you can create the perfect ambience of rain, thunder or storm at any time of the year and anywhere you want. Animated Lightning View features four views of a storm accompanied my lighting that is coming your way but you don’t have to be afraid of it because they stay in your screen only. In the first view the dark clouds are covering the city top and the thunderstorm follows them lighting up the city ambience. In other view it’s all dark and the lighting struck in every while making you wait to struck again. You can also select the custom music to enjoy the beautiful views with favorite melodies. Also you can adjust the brightness, apply custom color effects and frames according to your environment.

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