Play Opera: Mozart, Puccini, Rossini, and Verdi masterpieces for kids

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Welcome to the greatest show on earth: the opera. Shall we play? Play Opera is a visual adventure that presents five opera love themed fragments, illustrated by five renowned artists that will get children excited for the opera!
1. Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, illustrated by Violeta Lópiz.
2. Turandot (Nessun Dorma ) by Giacomo Puccini illustrated by Pablo Auladell.
3. Gioachino Rossini Cenerentola illustrated by Marina Anaya.
4. Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto illustrated by Mikel Casal.
5. Councilmen Choir of the Luisa Fernanda Operetta by Federico Moreno Torroba, illustrated by Ricardo Cavolo.
Play Opera introduces children to the opera through the work of five great composers, encouraging the development and education of musical tastes. A challenging educational experience that promotes active listening thanks to fun interactions. Each piece includes character profiles and a brief synopsis of the opera to which they belong.
Play Opera combines music and art in a way never seen before on touchscreen devices. Get excited with princes, princesses, sisters, farmers, jesters, dukes and murderers with lyrics of treason, passion, revenge and above all, love.
Especially recommended for children between ages 5 and 12.This application presents a secure environment for children. CONTAINS NO THIRD-PARTY ADVERTISING NOR IN-APP PURCHASES. A unique opera experience for the whole family to enjoy!
- Universal application with no language barriers.
- Entertaining and educational.
- The perfect introduction to opera for children.
- Promotes active listening.
- 5 opera masterpieces, each with its particular style.
- Original and exclusive artwork created by renowned authors.
- Texts in english, spanish, and french.
- An artsy app for the kids the likes of which you have never seen before.
App promoted and sponsored by the Opera XXI association with support from the spanish Ministry of Education.
Opera XXI, the Association of Theatres, Festivals and operas in Spain, was founded with the will of more than thirty partners combining their efforts in the promotion and development of opera, especially into reaching of new publics and developing new repertoires. For more information:
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