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This is an app that will assist you to solve the WHO, WHAT, & WHERE for any of the currently produced Clue Games available. Using this app also saves paper that you constantly run out of.
If there are any other Clue editions that I have not included please let me know by sending me an email.
As you will see this app has a very simple layout. It is very helpful in assisting you to win the game. The setting is only in Landscape mode as the layout is wider than most phones. This app works best on tablets.
In the upper left you will see a list of SUSPECTS. In the boxes to the right of each suspect you will be able to select a color.
RED is for a player that shows you a card.
BLACK is what you would use if a player does not have a certain card.
BLUE is for the cards that you have in your possession.
ORANGE is if you are suspicious of whether or not a person has a certain card.
You can change that color to RED or BLACK when you confirm that they have it or not.
There is also a Clear Selection Button if you happen to choose the wrong color or box.
Let’s say Player 1 shows Player 2 - three cards. Player 1 shows the Suspect, Room or Act of Betrayal/Weapon. Since you do not know which card Player 1 is showing Player 2 you change all of those cards to ORANGE for Player 1.
Now on another turn, Player 1 is showing Player 4 three cards. Let’s say the suspect is the same and you are holding the Room card they are in and you already know Player 3 showed you the "Suspect". You can change the ORANGE Player 1’s "Acts of Betrayal / Weapon" to RED as you now know what card Player 1 showed Player 2.
Below the list of SUSPECTS you will see a list of ROOMS. Below that you will see a list of WEAPONS / ACTS OF BETRAYAL. You will perform the same actions as you did with the suspects as above.
To the right of the SUSPECTS, ROOMS & WEAPONS/ACTS area you will see another list that shows you which of these cards have been eliminated. This will help you decide how you want to search for the next clue that you will need. If the RED or BLUE colors are selected then those items will show up here.
Below this area is the "OH THE POSSIBILITIES" area.
As you select the RED or BLUE colors on the left, these items will disappear from this section. When you get down to the last item for each area you will know WHO, WHAT & WHERE in order to make your accusation. You can also make a “Guess” when you get close to the last few boxes.
There is a large RESET button in the upper right. Push this ONLY if you are done with the game. This will clear all of the RED, BLACK, BLUE & ORANGE areas. There is also an option after you select RESET to clear all data including the player’s names.
The selections of SUSPECTS, ROOMS and WEAPONS / ACTS OF BETRAYAL change with which game you are playing. Just select the type of game at the beginning and it will place into each section the appropriate information.
The selections currently are: Big Bang Theory, Master Detective, The World of Harry Potter, The Office, Clue Classic, Dungeons & Dragons, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Discover the Secrets, Disney Haunted Mansion, Scooby Doo, Alfred Hitchcock.

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