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Star Drift

发行商: Squarehead Studios
价格: 2.99 USD


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Star Drift is an exciting evolution of the horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up. Inspired by classic arcade games, it features an original David Wise soundtrack, vibrant neon styled graphics, spectacular particle explosions and a deceptively easy to play, one-button control scheme.
It is a complete game with no in-app-purchases or advertisements.
FireTV Friendly Game Mechanics
Star Drift uses a simple one-button control scheme; simply touch the Thrust button to go up, release to drop down. Weapons take care of themselves.
Journey Across the Stars
Gameplay progresses through a selection of beautifully rendered Star Systems, each of which contains six Sectors with gradually increasing difficulty. Near the end of each Star System, the player will be challenged by the Anomaly, a mysterious ship with a formidable array of weaponry.
Unique Upgrade System
Pickups play a central role in Star Drift. They are a constant factor, either boosting the players capabilities for short periods, or providing credits that can be traded for upgrades. Later in the game, negative pickups, such as viruses cause temporary disruption, leaving the ship vulnerable and unable to fire. This can be turned to the players advantage, if they can discover how.
Atmospheric Original Soundtrack with Full Voice Over
David's soundtrack is complemented by a fully voiced A.I. system that guides players along, keeping them informed of their current status and offering the occasional witty comment.
Procedural Generation
Sectors are composed on the fly by a custom built procedural engine, making every game a unique experience.
Game Circle Integration
Star Drift provides online high-score tables and a wide variety of achievements to aim for.


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