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Hoverdroid 3D PRO : RC Hovercraft

发行商: MH Production
价格: 1.07 USD


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Take control of a radio-controlled hovercraft in a park, with a skatepark, a water basin and a mogul field!
Accomplish a lot of variety of missions to become a real pilot.
The hovercraft can drive on all types of terrain: earth, water, snow. And even in the air!
Equipped with wings, your hovercraft can fly like a plane, an aircraft or a glider!
This vehicle with air cushion does not touch the ground. It is raised a few inches with 3 powerful turbines that maintain it and stabilize it in the air.
This is the most multi-purpose vehicle in the world !!
Hoverdroid is the first 3D radio controlled hovercraft game on android!
This simulation game contains 24 missions.
Example of levels :
- Slalom between the cones as fast as possible
- After heavy snowfall, use your hovercraft as snowplow to clear the snow and create a feasible path
- Land on an runway, that is built on the top of a tree
- Use your hovercraft after a game of petanque to bring the balls and the jack back
- Transport some goods on a chaotic field without damaging anything
- Test the performance of your hovercraft against radio controlled helicopter. Which one will be the fastest?
- Chase the birds that are on the lawn
- Climb a wooden hut, shaped castle
All bonuses are unlocked during the game (3 hovercar and wings to fly)
Hoverdroid is a simulator in the same universe as Helidroid (RC helicopter game), with a new physics engine that let's you interact with a lot of objects in the environment. Hoverdroid let you control a radio controlled hover car , that fly like a hoverboard.
There is also a particles engine, in order to show water and snow. This reduced model is modeled in 3D. It can float like a boat, fly like a copter (chopper), and ride like a car (4x4)!
You must have (at least) a cpu of 1 GHz in order to play without lag. But you can reduce the quality of the graphics in the option menu.


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