Amazing Spider Boy

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Be a super hero and prove yourself in this new game for your mobile phone. This is no task for ordinary men because you have to jump from one ball to another at supersonic speed. Cross the city of ruins, gather all the coins you can and be careful not to fall because if you do, the war against villains will be lost. Download our super game and become a crime fighter right away. Enjoy the features of your favorite super heroes in a single incredible game.
Spider Boy is a simple man with a simple ability. He wants to find the gift which can give him the super power. Spider Boy is trying to imitate Spider Man and help people. Help him to find the gift. However, now he is in trouble. Help this simple man find his way out! This is truly a super adventure game that you and your family would love! This is simple and challenging game. You need to control the spider boy using just two buttons! You can make him jump to the balls and can also come back to the previous ball. It's simple addicting game about spider boy.
Take control on the jumping super hero as he takes his coin-collecting journey in the city! Get ready for never-ending fun game you'll never put your phone down. Become the Amazing super hero in this open-world adventure full of non-stop action, and face the greatest challenge yet! Perform various kinds of jumps to get achievements, try to beat your friends or all other players by competing with them for the best score.
How to play this game:
Game play of this game is very simple that even small kids can easily play this game. There are many balls which are revolving in the sky, you need to jump to the balls, there are many star coins in between balls, you need to collect all the stars to get combo and reach to the highest scores.
When you move towards the ball you need to tap the right side of the screen to jump to the next ball, don’t stays on the balls excessively long on the grounds that the ball is dependably continue moving around and can get Spider Boy get dizzy! If you want to come to the previous ball then just tap on the left side of the screen and you will be on previous ball. Don’t miss the stars and gifts on the way if you want to get high scores and compete your friends.
If in one jump you are not closer to the ball or you are falling down then you can tap twice on the screen and you will get a jump again in the sky, be careful and do not fall from the ball because if you do your game will over and you need to start from the beginning.
Features of this game:
- This game provides very high quality graphics, which will make you addicted for this game.
- Game play of this game so easy and you do not need to tilt your phone.
- A lot of coins and gifts to get, this will move you to best scores.
- Remember that you can jump twice by touching the screen twice.
Get ready for the most interesting and addictive game of this era. Download this super game on your phone and share this with your friends and family and get them addicted too.

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