Zombie Sniper Shooting 3D

发行商: 3Dee Space
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Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D is one of free zombie shooting games which involves Steve, a member of a high profile killer squad, all set to be a zombie killer in a city. His main armor is a zombie assault sniper. He realizes that every zombie hunter has died from the dead zombie in the city. He realizes the only way ahead is to kill zombies in this zombie defense.
Death stares at him in a zombie world war. Blood will be shed as he finds himself on the frontier of a zombie defense. In Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D you will be involved in a zombie kill with your zombie assault sniper. This won’t be a walk in the park for Steve, the zombie hunter, as he has only one thing in his mind, the death of the zombie killer squad due to the outbreak. Time to take revenge, crush and kill them all!!

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