Funny Photo Montage

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The Best Funny pictures photo montage application for android.
Over a hundred funny and crazy images to choose from and put them on your photo.
Funny pictures for girls and Funny images for men.
Amazing smiles, beards, skulls and comics gadgets. Put them on you check how they will look like on you.
Funny pictures comes in many shapes. You will look like a superhero or alien with them.
Put on the great funny picture on you girlfriend, wife or fiance picture.
Or do a funny image photo montage with your boyfriend, husband, brother or sister.
Make them look funny and crazy :)
Use one or two fingers to create a perfect photo montage.
What you can do with tattoo application:
- Take a photo or select photo from your gallery
- open a gallery with the funny pictures by category
- select one of the funny images, i.e. gag, prank, scary face, funny pic
- rotate, move, scale the item
- blend funny image into any picture
- add as many items as you want
- edit each item (the are on the layers like in Photoshop)
- when everything is as you want save to gallery, send by email, share on facebook, google+
- send order to your your site (if the item comes from your site)
- funny images can be uploaded to the tablet or smartphone from our server, so we can add new designs easily

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