Barcode Scanner Ultra

发行商: Forizon Apps
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Barcode Scanner ULTRA is one level up from Barcode Scanner Pro with some major new Features included.
New Features:
Efficient Search Algorithm- search efficiently and provides details for buying economical and better product from all search engines.
Scan widest variety of barcodes- Performance enhancement for scanning widest variety of barcodes like (Aztec Code, Code 1, CrontoSign, DataGlyphs, Data Matrix, EZcode, HueCode, NexCode, Qode, QR code, SPARQCode, GTIN-12, EAN-13, EAN 2, EAN 5, EAN-8, Code 93, Code 39, Code 128, U.P.C., )
Scan Performance Enhancement- advanced image processing Algorithm has been added to scan barcodes at lightning speed.
All Major Spoken Languages Support has been added in ULTRA Version.
Scan barcodes on products then look up prices and reviews. You can also scan BarCodes containing URLs, contact info, etc. You can share your contacts, apps, and bookmarks via QR Code. BarCode Scanner Ultra can also be sold as a plug-in with Geocaching App
Barcode Scanner Ultra gives you convenient control of your shopping experience using your phone's camera and any product within reach that has a barcode. Need to compare prices when shopping? Barcode Scanner has you covered, letting you scan a single barcode (or many, using the Bulk Scan feature) and then use a Google search to find relevant product listings. The app even integrates with Google's Shopper app for detailed results and countless other shopping and product apps for additional functionality.
Barcode Scanner Ultra Version allows you create your own barcodes as well. Want to quickly send full contact information from your address book to a friend? Just create and display a code and have them scan it from your phone's screen. Do the same for links to your favourite website or Android app. Or share links in barcode form via Twitter or Facebook and your friends can scan the information right from a computer monitor.

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