Reading Tool, book reader, speed reading, Multilingual speech

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1. incorporation of text files
To launch of this application, you will see the folder when you touch the IMPORT button on the initial screen upper left terminal side.
Selecting the text file format is imported in this application.
Note Please install the free file manager app ANDEXPLORER If the file manager is not found message appears.
2. Reading
Touch the initial screen to switches to the reading screen.
2.1 text display operation and speech speed adjustment of speed is faster if slide the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to the left, speed becomes slower if slide to the right.
2.2 to return before the display contents
The display content 200 characters by touching the BACK button on the screen can be returned to the front. Press and hold, and will be returned to the initial screen of the text.
Note The button does not function during speech.
2.3 display operation stop, start
When you touch the STOP button on the screen will not come out the following display contents, the on-screen STOP button START display is changed to button. The display operation resume to touch the START button.
Note This button does not work in the speech.
2.4 speech language settings
When you touch the LANGUAGE button language list of this application is the corresponding on screen is displayed. When you select the target language, and changes to the language it has been selected to read aloud the following text.
Note The voice enabled you must install the free Google Text to Speech application.

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