Champions League Penalty 2014/15

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Football, or somewhere known as soccer, is the most important sideshow in the world. In its present form it appeared in the early 20th century, but the relatively short history is full of stories, myths, legendary games, heroes and losers.
Many fans, whether it comes to players or passionate supporters, tend to compare it with art. And those who are less poetic will say that football is a lifestyle.
How to Play: Lead your team to the title in this Champions League Penalty competition. Be like Ronaldo or Messi, try to kick the ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal.
You can choose between 32 teams: Atlético Madrid, Juventus, Olympiacos, Malmö, Real Madrid, Basel, Liverpool, Ludogorets, Benfica, Zenit, Bayer Leverkusen, Monaco, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray, Anderlecht, Bayern München, Manchester City, CSKA, Roma, Barcelona, PSG, Ajax, APOEL, Chelsea, Schalke, Sporting, Maribor, Shakhtar, Porto, BATE, Athletic Bilbao.
The aim of Champions Cup Penalty is to score maximum number of goals and accumulate points. You can earn extra achievement points (Hometown Hero achievement, National Star achievement or Living Legend achievement) from completing some of the given tasks.
The game starts in the group stage, then you will move on to the knockout phase.
Compete with people all around the world and compare your results on the global ranking list.
To shoot: Tap on the screen where you would like to place the ball. (6 options) The ball will glow yellow when is your turn to shoot.
To defend: Tap on the screen where you would like to catch the ball. The goalkeeper gloves will glow yellow when is your turn to block the kick.
Note: In the group stage match ends when both teams shoot five times on the goal. In the knockout phase the one with the largest number of successful goals after five attempts is the winner. If the result is tied, the shootout continues on a "goal-for-goal" basis, with the teams taking shots alternately. The winner being the one to score a goal that is unmatched by the other team.
Music made by Allinthemix.

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