Grendizer Adventures

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Grendizer Adventures !!
Grendizer Adventures Is the best game for fans of SUSPANSE and ADVENTURE.
in the game Grendizer Adventures you have to Collect all Spacecraft around through tens of levels in this adventure. Isn’t it the sweetest game ever?
We are adding new weekly phases, for those who love the game just wait for new updates.
--> Grendizer Adventures PLAYING RULES:
--> You don't have to control the direction
--> The hero of Grendizer is automatic running
--> Just tap the screen to jump over the enemies
--> Catch as much as possible of Spacecraft to achieve highest score.
--> Higher jump and exciting levels
--> 3 Different Game Modes
--> Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
--> High Speed Runner mouse!
--> Helpful tools to help with challenging Grendizer levels
--> High-quality graphics with Grendizer
--> Lightweight Game
--> Full Playing
--> All ages based..
Disclaimer :
This Game have no relation with Grendizer the cartoon or application or game or anything related design neither from any other cartoon company !
This is my own game with a player that's too far from being looking like any character from Grendizer.

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