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Jeremy’s Safety Education Series: Slippery Slide

发行商: 北京应用时代教育咨询有限公司
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Children’s safety are threatened by unintentional injuries in daily life, such as drowning, fracture, car accident, bruises, etc., which might be caused by the careless of parents and children’s lacking of safety knowledge. Parents need to pay much attention to children’s safety awareness development during their growing, thus improving their self-protection ability.
With relaxing and interesting form, this Safety Education Series introduce nearly all kinds of danger and their rescue methods to the maximum extent. It aims to help children to learn the knowledge of self-protection, stay away from danger and grow up safely.
Design Concept:
Every parent want to protect their kids from any possible danger, however, dangers sometimes can’t be avoided. With beautiful words and exquisite pictures, this app shows kids how to be courtesy and avoid getting hurt by the story of playing slippery slide.
Jeremy loves to play the slippery slide, but all the slides in the amusement park couldn’t reach to his expectations. Then, the robot made Jeremy a cool slide that one can slide it from high in the cloud down to the bottom of the sea! Jeremy invited his friends to play together, however, they all wanted to play first and then argued on the slide! How dangerous it is!
What will happen?
Would somebody get hurt?
Open this app to know more!
【Customer reviews】
Kids really could have a lot fun and learn a lot safety knowledge in this app.
--- Marlene
I love the interactive design! My son’s attention was totally attracted by this app.
--- Todd
Perfect for parent-kid reading! Both parents and children could learn a lot safety knowledge in the story!
--- Mauer


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