Count It Up!

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Counting numbers has never been this fun and exciting. In this game, you don't count on it; it counts on you.
♥ How to play: simply swipe or tap along the tiles with Numbers in ascending order or Coins and Powerups.
4 Game Modes:
♥ Arcade: many fun Levels from easy to hard; you simply count from 1 to 50 or 100.
♥ Endless: see how far you can go and compare with other players.
♥ Time Attack: challenge yourself with the clock ticking, super fast paced.
♥ Inferno: get ready for the World's hardest game.
Special Features:
♥ Original Gameplay with 30 levels.
♥ Fun and amazing Graphics.
♥ Family and Kid Friendly.
♥ Options to login with Facebook, share your score and invite friends.
♥ Supported Languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese. Please contact us if you want to have this game in your language.
This game is designed to challenge your observation, number identification and reaction skills. It's a tile based puzzle, fun brain training, highly addictive, and perfect to play with friends and family.

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