Guess The Word - 4 Pics 1 Word

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Our game is for those of you who train your memory and develop your brain. Our free puzzle game is the best choice - Guess The Word - 4 Pics 1 Word.
In this logical game you will be expected to guess a word or a phrase depicted on four pictures. In order to enlarge an image, simply click on it. Letters can be easily moved into empty slots. If you feel you made a mistake, just click on the letter that was misplaced. Guess the words and earn stars, which you can later use to get hints. In order to receive extra stars, play it every day and share the link in your favorite social groups.
This application is unique because after you download it on your telephone or tablet, you can do what you enjoy while on the road, at home on your favorite couch or even camping. It is an absolutely free application that uses the principle of a riddle – you need to guess a word. This game is entertaining, it develops critical thinking, and thoughtful parents can easily use it with the purpose of developing their children’s intellect, since it is of utmost important to develop it at an early age. While playing with the whole family, you will not only enjoy the fellowship and get charged with positive emotions, but you will also learn something new or will refresh your knowledge on topics you have forgotten. It is through the game that one acquires new knowledge, inquires about the world, develops logical thinking and enriches one’s personality. People with such qualities, further on are capable of solving social, economical and cultural problems of the modern society. Our free application, Guess the word by 4 pics, is for people who constantly seek to advance their education. Our society demands every time more profound knowledge and skills in order to find our place in the modern socio-economic situation. Let us be well-educated. Play our game with the whole family and enjoy your life.

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