Wizards V Witches slots

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Wizards V Witches Slots, a visually stunning & stimulating casino style slot machine featuring wizards & witches. It has usual standard Vegas style casino elements such as free spin modes, 4*5 play, variable pay lines & autospins but also mini games, WILDS, STACKED wilds & more.
Take a journey back through time when all was mystical & magical, surrounded by good & bad spirits, faeries & goblins. This latest slot app brings some well known Wizards & Witches battling out their magic winning you a virtual fortune. Wizard / Witch characters are stacked wild meaning that they act like WILDs but can group more than one together if they appear on a winning pay line. For every stackable WILD it multiplies again & again. More than one stacked character invokes super magical WIZARD V WITCHES spell bound feature where they battle out their magical spells. Character with most stacks wins then multiplies again by how many wizards & witches fight.
Wizard + Witch symbols are: GANDALF from Tolkien's Middle Earth, Scary evil Wicked Witch from the land of OZ & MERLIN & MELLISANDRE from the dark ages of King Arthur & Knights & Round Table. Each one has its own unique magic skill, visualised by animations. Gandalf flies through sky on an Eagle, Merlin uses his staff & orb firing lightning, Wicked Witch & her evil scary cauldron creates nasty scary spells & Mellisandre a beautiful temptress and her power over elements, mainly fire.
Other items to look out for are MAGIC WAND, MYSTICAL MOON SPELL BOOK & MYSTERY BAR.
MAGIC WAND= scatter. 3 + magic wand scatters anywhere on screen will invoke FREE SPIN FEATURE.
MYSTICAL MOON = WILD & will not only substitute all items except features but will DOUBLE whatever it replaces. Free Spin Mode, Moon doubles or treble substituted symbol
SPELL BOOK = gives massive jackpot proportional as bet. Matching 5 wins.
BAR = special mystery prize feature. Pick 5 mystery cash prizes.
* Start with $1,000 plus daily prizes 1,000
* Wins & features proportional to best bet
* 1 - 20 winning lines
* Variable stake per line
* Current bet cost
* Pay-table & interactive analysis of wins
* Variable Autospin
* Original Music + Sound Effects
* Animations lights & special visual effects
* Completely free. No In-apps.
* Wizard Slots & Witch Slots fusion
* Random Reel placement every new app start means different slots & new chances & virtually new machine.
* Reset game & start again & receive new credits anytime.
* Animated vibrant graphics.
* Last amount won displayed
* Welcome Bonus Prize
Standard casino slot machine play left to right. Stackable Wilds occupy reels 1,2,4 & 5.
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